Sunday, March 6, 2011

Squares, Squares...Everywhere Squares!

I'm totally digging these "granny" squares.  Who knew? 

After seeing this Daisy Fourpatch, I had to make it.  After making it, I decided I needed to make a blanket out of it.  Me?  Make a blanket?  What's gotten into me?   Luckily it's going to be for my child, so I can justify making it out of 12 12" squares, as opposed to 20 of them.   And after completing the first 3, I can proudly say I am 25% of the way there.  This blanket may actually get done! 

Apparently, they also perform well in battle, as evidenced by Queen Amidala's use of weaponized yarn to battle the Dark Side (her brother).

And of course, because I cannot stay on task (see Blog Title), I stumbled upon Waldo's Puzzle and had to make it.  I love the colors and how it looks, but I am not sure I want to create a whole blanket of Waldo's squares.   Too much weaving in ends.   I might just keep going with the alternating white/variegated stripes and turn it into a baby blanket.

Speaking of end I was making the daisy squares, I stumbled into a valuable technique - weaving in the end of one color as you begin the next color.  OK, so it may be obvious to you veteran yarn crafters, but it was like divine inspiration to me!   On the daisy patches, I was able to effectively go from 26 loose ends to 2 per 12" square!    Unfortunately, Waldo's square didn't lend itself to that technique as well. 

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