Friday, March 18, 2011

Quickie Projects

This kitty has really started my wheels turning.  I think it would be the perfect project to teach a crochet class, as opposed to the traditional boring scarf.    Its made from 3 pieces.   The body is a straight flat, single crochet rectangle.   Teaches chaining and SC.    The next is a flat piece with simple shaping.  Teaches increasing and decreasing.   The tail is crochet in the round, laying the foundation for hats and amugurumi.  And the final step is sewing it all together.   Voila - a complete intro to crochet in a simple, easy to make kitten that is much more fun to show off than a scarf.  Plus it can be made with any size yarn and hook.  I used a thin mercerized cotton and a tiny D hook.  I'm going to try another with woolease yarn and a larger F or G hook.   Now i just need to figure out where to teach this imaginary class.

The easter egg is a super quick stash buster.   I plan to make little people-eggs with the pattern to represent the 5 crazies in our famly.   Pics to follow.  But this tiny blue-speckled robins egg was done with baby sport yarn.  

The loofah was the perfect airline project.  Very, very simple.  You just increase by 3 each row.   I made it on the way to visit my friend in CA and left it with her as a "thanks for letting me use your house a hotel" gift.   Havent heard the review on its effectiveness as a bath poof yet, but its pretty!  

Otherwise I am still trucking along in square-land.   Going to assemble squares 7, 8 and 9 of my daughters blanket this weekend.  Then I need to make 3 more big squares (or 12 little squares) and I am ready to assemble and border it.  Wow.  Could complete a blanket some day?

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  1. Ooops. I'm a bad friend. Works great and it's lathering up our naughty bits just fine. Thanks for the present!