Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am woman, hear me drill!

While I crank out owl hats by the uh...quarter dozen, I have been busying myself with Pinterest recipes (Homemade Reeses PB eggs FTW!) and organizing/craft projects. 

As soon as I saw this, I knew I *needed* these.   I am so innundated with school papers and keeping up with who has what on which day at what school is making me crazy.  If I cluttered up my family calendar with every "Crazy Hat Day" and "Picture Day", then I would start getting twitchy just looking at it.    Which sort of defeats the purpose of a big, highly-visible family calendar in the first place.

But while I appreciate the original blogger's entrepreneurship, I could not justify $35 + $10 shipping for each of the 16x20 prints.   Figuring I would bust out the scissors and cut & paste (the old fashioned way, baby!) the posters together, I asked some friends for advice.   In 15 mins, while nursing her baby, a friend tooled around in Photoshop and whipped up a version that looks 100% better than what I could have scrapped together.   At $5.99/ea to print at Costco, plus 3 $1 hooks from the Target Dollar Spot and 3 repurposed frames from the basement, I now have my splendiferous School/Backpack/Schedule/Homework/Calendar/Rehearsal Organization Station for under $23!

It's in the dining room, becauase we really only use that room for three things...

1.   Poker
2.  Christmas
3.  Storing crap like backpacks and homework folders. 
Each kid got to choose a picture and write their name.
Little Bit doesn't have homework, so I decided to show off her preschool work.

Next up is a felt board that I threw together, not from any particular pin, but just from the creative juices that are flowing when one completes projects and realizes...hey I can do this!  Plus I found an old cork board in the basement while looking for 16x20 frames.  

I glued the felt to the My Little Ponies I printed, but we used a stapler for the extra pieces the girls made.  No dry time and they work just as well.  Once these paper pieces get destroyed, we will make more.  

This free project has turned into hours of playtime in the last 2 days for my girls.  I think next year's Christmas shopping may all be done at Michaels.   OK, maybe I am dreaming...


  1. SUPER, UBER, TOTALLY impressed !!! You outdid yourself. It looks AWESOME, but you did it on the cheap. It really is KICK ASS for the meager amount of money that you spent !!!!!!!!!!! Well done, my friend. VERY flipping well done ~

  2. These are great! With 4 kids at home and homeschooling we definitely need these!
    PS - I call my youngest Little Bit too :)